January 5, 2012

motion {5/365}


Do you ever feel like since your children came on the scene you've been in constant high-speed motion? I do. And yet, when I have the chance to relax, I usually end up running. Ironic. Except that I finally figured out the real reason I need to run: not to stay in shape (although that's a nice side effect), not because I like the way it makes me look (those days are over), not because of the way it makes me feel (although it does boost my mood every single time), but because it's when I think best. Yep, I run to think. And boy do I have a bunch of good ideas for this year!

One thing I learned about myself last year is that I'm pretty all-or-nothing; it's easier for me to do something every day than not (it is also easier for me to have zero cookies than just one). I also learned that a minute amount of progress each day adds up to an awesome amount of progress after 365 days! So, baby steps it is.

I'm carrying over a few resolutions from last year, plus adding a few that are related:
- Floss every day (I missed two days last year - the day I had the flu and the day I took Sage camping and forgot to pack my floss)
- Do sit-ups and push-ups every day (and I'm adding squats)
- Eat fresh fruits and veggies every day (this one is new)
- Take a picture every day (why stop now?)
- Run: I'd like to beat my time in both the Rhody Race and the North Olympic Half Marathon. Any additional race earns bonus points! (Notice I didn't say run every day!) I also aim to do more cross-training.



p.s. Running the Las Vegas Half with you last year was awesome!
p.s. I almost added "relax" to my resolutions, but I just don't know how to relax. I'm hoping to gain some insight on this topic over on our facebook page.

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