May 11, 2011

running in dandelions {131/365 from Boots}


Dear Tea,

Maia is sure cute, and the poms look like they were much enjoyed (by me, too). I do think they are round enough, enticing enough, playful enough to earn a page in your all-things-ball book.

Although dark chocolate would be the theme of my week if could choose, dandelions seem to be winning out. After making a batch of lemon KidDo this morning, Sage and I started out on a (Sage) bike ride/(Mommy) run -- which was mostly stopping to admire the remote control sailboat club, a fleet of adorable ducklings, and the vicious fights taking place in the fenced dog park -- but ended up being a dandelion field photo shoot. Whatever...running...taking pictures of someone else running....same diff.

Now it's nap time and I am going to try and whip together some kind of flashy tablecloth to lure customers into my booth.

How's the quiet (?) house feel?


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