May 24, 2011

floating boats {144/365 from Boots}


Dear Tea,

Yes, one of my first lessons as a parent -- let me rephrase that -- as a mother, was that when you get sick, you must carry on. No rest for the weary. I can almost guess what you are going through: You are tired, but can't get any sleep. You have no patience and today is the day your children have the tantrums of the century and you end up crying just as much. You can barely take care of them and yourself. You know you need to drink buckets of water to get well, but that means you have to pee more often, and finding the time to pee is pretty much impossible, and heaven forbid if you wet your pants.

Sage was so excited for his evening playdate today, but by the time it came he was over-the-top tired and spent much of it in tears. This shot was taken before things got ugly, though.


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