May 14, 2011

booth {134/365 from Boots}


Dear Poopsickle (yeah, I'm talking to you),

Here is a picture of my booth and the original "kiddo" eating a snack. He joined me at the market for a few hours after watching the Irrigation Festival parade with Joe and his parents.

Last night before sleep came (did it ever come? maybe for a little while..) I was visualizing today's post. It was going to being like this: "Sold Out!" Unfortunately, my first day at the market was fairly anticlimactic. The good news is that tons of people visited my booth and loved my play dough. The kids especially smelled it and squished it and asked their parents to buy some. The bad news is that my sales were moderate (and even then, mainly thanks to my friends). However, the word among the repeat vendors is that it was one of the slowest market days on record because everyone was at other festival events like the parade (total of 4 hours!), the logging competition, the antique car show, etc. So I really did not get a good sense of how this is going to pan out. It was fun, though!

Perhaps it is because I am so "highly (fricking) sensitive" (see yesterday's post), but a little bit of praise goes a looooong way with me. I hate this because I want to be strong and independent and not care what people think about me when in reality, I totally do care what others think. Anyway, I want to let you know that you have been my number one supporter on the KidDo project. You have repeatedly given me just the right amount of encouragement, at just the right times (as in the many times I was about to give up on it). I really want to thank you; I don't think it would've happened without you.


p.s. I enjoyed the title of your photo yesterday. Was it a typo, or a joke? Either way, so funny!

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