March 17, 2015

new chapter

Dear Tea,

Meeting face-to-face yet again last month fueled so many valued facets of my life. First, all the late night gigglefests, heart-to-heart girlfriend talks, and photo walks brought a cherished friendship bubbling to the surface, where it belongs, once again. Several days of nothing but photography inspired me creatively. And all of "it" became a catalyst for bringing the Boots & Tea project back to life!

All this has me thinking deep thoughts about how things change yet stay the same. A long friendship like ours owns a solid, steady rhythm even though the tune is always changing. The way we both gravitate towards photography is a constant, even though the lens of choice or places we're capturing aren't. And our beloved project is the same story, only different. It seems so fitting as I look out my window now at the daffodils and tulips that return every spring, always with slight variations.

And I need the accountability - a venue for showcasing the week's choice image and writing. 

All of this begs to continue. I have a tremendous feeling that the next chapter is going to be a good one!



p.s. Thank you for the amazing gift!